Success from the Heart – Debby Wheeler

I am creating a series of stories that present women who are engaged in business that is truly a work of love; their success comes from their hearts. In Success from the Heart these women are focused on what they love and believe in. Their work comes from serving others and their products/services are intended to benefit others in a joyful, nurturing and inspiring way. With success from the heart, anything else would be unnecessary. I ask a few questions of these women to inquire into what brings them to success from the heart.

Debby Wheeler, Wheeler Pet Sitting

I met Debby just about 2 months ago at a Chamber of Commerce networking luncheon. My first impression was how nicely dressed she was; I admired her shawl of golden and green colors and noticed it matched the green of her eyes. I figured she was about my age, and she is, 55 years old; about to turn 56 in August…just like me!
Amidst the lively conversation around the table I caught some info about how she had held an executive position in a large corporation for many years. She was able to retire and from there she started her business, Wheeler Pet Sitting in the Napa Valley. She and her husband have opened their home to bring in dogs while owners are out of town or on a daily basis while they are at work. The Wheelers have three dogs of their own and have had as many as twelve dogs at home at one time! Twelve dogs! As she described her business and principles of dog-sitting she mentioned a photo she has of her husband and four dogs strewn over their bed. When Debby takes care of other people’s dogs, she insists that the dogs stay in the house with them. At Wheeler Pet Sitting there are no cages or kennels. This is a “home away from home” for dogs. Continue reading