Before we panic….


My good friend, Carole Peccorini, RN, MA, sent me this timely information:

With all the news about the Swine Flu swirling around in the media, don’t board the Panic Train. Focus on building a strong immune system.  It is wise to provide all the support we can to our immune systems on a regular basis, but especially at times like these when we could face additional challenges.  I am increasing the amount of products that I use to build my immune support and encouraging my family and friends to do the same.

Some facts to keep in mind for sanity’s sake – from report by Dr. Mercola (

The Swine Flu came around before in 1976.  More people died or were paralyzed from the vaccine than the flu itself.

To put things into perspective, malaria kills 3,000 people EVERY DAY, and it’s only considered “a health problem”. Continue reading